Playdough tea party – and a crocodile

On Tuesday, I took Rabbit out to spend some of her pocket money that she had saved up.  She chose two packs (eight pots altogether) of playdough.  I love it when we have new playdough, because almost complete silence descends upon the dining room, and it lasts for a long time.  This time Monkey, Rabbit and Tiddler decided to make cakes.

Playdough cakes Playdough cakes 2 Playdough cakes 3 Playdough cakes 4 Playdough cakes 5Next they made ham and cucumber sandwiches.

Playdough sandwich Playdough sandwiches

And then Monkey made a baby crocodile (because he was dressed up in a crocodile outfit at the time!)  He made a background scene for it, which he mounted on a stand made of Lego bricks to make it stay upright.

Playdough baby crocodile Playdough baby crocodile scene

It was a really fun afternoon and, as always with playdough, the children’s creativity was inspired in so many ways.  When the novelty of the new shop-bought batch has worn off I think it will be time to make some ourselves.  Good playdough recipes, anyone?

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