Tiddler (2) is determined, loud, cheeky, funny and adorable.  He told his first joke just after his 2nd birthday: as I was pouring shreddies into his bowl, he said “Ready Shreddie Go!” Being the 4th baby can be hard sometimes, as the days inevitably revolve around the activities of the older children, but he has recently started going to “Musicbox” classes and he loves it – either because of the music or because he has all my attention for a change!

Rabbit (5) is tidy and organised, loving and sweet, and has very strong opinions.  She is sometimes a tomboy and sometimes a princess: she enjoys climbing trees as much as she loves playing with dolls; she likes her football and ballet lessons equally; some days she wants to look “cool” in boy’s clothes and other days she wants to be “pretty” in girl’s clothes – I can relate to that!

Monkey (7) is an artist and a comedian.  His favourite activities include playing with Lego, drawing a picture (or writing a word) for every letter of the alphabet, and making alphabet collections using toys and other objects.  He makes up jokes, organises puppet shows, and makes his baby brother laugh.  He plays the piano, has football and ballet lessons, and has recently started going to Beavers.  Two more things you need to know about him: he loves bananas and he’s the only quiet child we have.

Owl (8) loves making things, playing with Lego and reading late into the night.  He plays the violin and the piano, and sings in a choir.  He has football lessons and goes to Beavers.  He has lots of creative ideas and he always has a project or two on the go.  Like his dad, he is good at fixing things.  He is a chatterbox but also a daydreamer, and he is very sensitive and thoughtful.

Suburban dad is the big cheese of a local small business.  He is a gadget geek, but also a people person.  He is good at standing up in front of a crowd and performing: selling his software and teaching people how to use it, preaching in church or singing “My old man’s a dustman” in Italian – whatever he does is always prepared at the last minute and he always pulls it off!

Suburban mum is… it feels weird to describe myself in the third person so I think I need to change the format.  I love my family, they’re what it’s all about.  Friends are important to me too and I’m very loyal.  I love church and being part of the Christian family, with friends all over the world.  I love Egypt, where I spent a couple of very happy years before I settled down in suburbia.  I often wish I could go back, but I know I’m where I am meant to be for now, and I think that being a mum is the best job in the world.  I am passionate about breastfeeding, child-centred parenting and home education – once I start talking on any of these subjects it’s hard to stop!  I also enjoy reading, writing and knitting, and lots of other things – but I think that’s enough about me for now.


6 Responses to About

  1. ” I am passionate about breastfeeding, child-centred parenting and home education” – I look forward to reading more from you!

  2. “I am passionate about breastfeeding, child-centred parenting and home education” – I look forward to reading more from you!

  3. Hi! Thanks for following my blog 🙂 Never thought anyone might want to! Made my day 🙂

  4. Monkey Tales says:

    Thank you for following my new blog! I’m really excited about joining the community! I hope I can keep up! I don;t know how you do it with big family 🙂

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