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Autumn art, volcanoes and more Fimo

I took Owl out for a hot chocolate at the deli yesterday morning, and then to his favourite local shop which sells stationery and toys.  (He used to call it the teeny tiny toy shop until he found out it … Continue reading

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Fimo Treasure Island

I have been wanting to try Fimo for a long time, after reading Patch of Puddles and being inspired by this wonderfully creative home educating family.  It’s taken me a while, but thanks to the lovely Merry, of the above … Continue reading

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Odds and ends

I’ve lost track of the many things I’ve been meaning to blog but haven’t had time recently, and I’m feeling the need of a random post to download stuff from my brain (and camera), so here it is. Sunday 16th … Continue reading

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Interview with Supergirl

This morning we went to Gatwick Airport to collect our new au pair.  Let’s call her “Supergirl” – I think she will need to be.  (You don’t have to be a superhero to work here, but it helps…)  When we … Continue reading

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Something’s got to give

So it is after midnight and I have just sat down for the first bit of time for myself today.  Except of course it is technically the next day, so I have actually been through 24 hours with no time … Continue reading

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Feed yourself Friday

I don’t know where I got this idea from so apologies if it’s yours.  I read it this morning somewhere online, on a blog or page or website about home education.  That’s as far as I can narrow it down.  … Continue reading

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Legoland on a weekday

Last week, our day out to London for the Select Committee hearing interfered with our plans to go to Legoland with a group of home educators.  We were sorry to miss the chance to go with them, but fortunately we … Continue reading

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Paralympics, Select Committee and other stuff

It’s been a busy week.  We had a fairly quiet day on Sunday, with church in the morning and another peaceful afternoon at home.  Granny came here for supper and stayed to read lots of stories to the children at … Continue reading

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Extended breastfeeding

Tiddler is two.  He’s a happy little person most of the time, but sometimes he has tantrums, especially when he’s tired.  It’s normal.  Often when this happens, I take the easiest option, which is to offer him a breastfeed.  This … Continue reading


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The little things

We took all the children to get their hair cut today, then went shopping for birthday presents for two of their friends.  We were home in time for lunch, and then an afternoon of housework, pottering around and playing.  Just … Continue reading

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