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A poem by Monkey

Monkey made up this poem this evening while chatting to daddy about Limericks. There was an old man who liked honey He bought the spread with some money He licked it with glee And said “Yummy!” That was the old … Continue reading

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Birthday interview with Monkey

Monkey is seven today.  This is his birthday interview. What would you like to be when you grow up? A fireman What’s your favourite colour? Gold What’s your favourite book? Moody Margaret Casts a Spell, by Francesca Simon What are … Continue reading

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How to make a teepee

This post is written by Monkey. Today I made a teepee with Granny.  This is how you do it. You will need: 3 chopsticks sellotape string wrapping paper scissors How to make it First, hold one chopstick diagonally, then put … Continue reading

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Play dough creations

It’s been a busy few weeks and I haven’t been blogging much, but it’s time to get back to normal.  I will post something about our holidays another day, but for now I am too tired.  So I thought I … Continue reading

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How to make Yummy Delight

This is a guest post by Monkey. How to make Yummy Delight You will need: 8 trifle sponges 1 packet of strawberry jelly (or any kind will do) 4 or 5 bananas 2 tsp honey 1 large pot of custard … Continue reading

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Monkey goes to London

This post is written by Monkey. On Tuesday I went to London on a train with Granny.  On the way we played I-Spy and we sang “Yellow Bird.”  When the train stopped we got off and went on an underground … Continue reading

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Jubilee Alphabet

This is a work in progress by Monkey.  He is having trouble sleeping so we have been composing a Jubilee Alphabet.   I’m not sure if this is the finished version, as I’ve left him thinking about it, with a view … Continue reading

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Monkey’s milkshake recipe

This is Monkey’s version of the milkshake recipe which I posted about a few days ago.  He has written several copies, which I keep finding around the house.  I think he has probably copied it from the book, but he … Continue reading

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Ballet is fun for boys

Ever since my two biggest boys were small, I have wanted to give them, among other learning opportunities, the chance to try ballet.  I’m not sure why it felt so important, but it has long since troubled me that we … Continue reading

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I said I would write a post about a children’s book linked to the nickname we have chosen for each child.  Next up is monkey.  Our monkey is six, and it wasn’t hard to choose a book to write about … Continue reading

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