Birthday interview with Tiddler

Tiddler is three.  This is his birthday interview (a little late because we were on holiday.)

What would you like to be when you grow up?

A grown-up

What kind of job would you like to do when you are a grown-up?

Doing lunch

What’s your favourite colour?


What’s your favourite book?

Topsy and Tim – Red Boots Yellow Boots

What are your favourite toys?

Cars, cars, cars!

What is your favourite food?


What is your favourite thing to wear?

My George dressing up costume

What do you like doing with mummy?

Helping mummy

What do you like doing with daddy?

Making some stuff and a cake

What makes you happy?

Sprinkles on my cake and jelly tots on my cake and chocolate buttons on it and icing on it

Tell me a joke

Why did the apple go to the doctor’s?  Because it was running round the house. (He made this one up all by himself!)

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2 Responses to Birthday interview with Tiddler

  1. What a great idea for a post! Must try this 🙂

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