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Puppet playhouse theatre

One of the most successful presents we gave Rabbit for her birthday was this puppet playhouse theatre from Manhattan Toys which I chose online at the last minute, not quite sure if it would arrive on time.  Luckily I ordered … Continue reading

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Egg box daffodils

We made some egg box daffodils yesterday for our Spring display. Here’s how to do it.  You will need: An egg box (we used one with twelve sections which was about right for four children.) Some old cereal boxes. Yellow … Continue reading

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Learning through play

The night before last a conversation on twitter got me thinking about learning through play, and in particular messy play activities to support early reading and writing.  So yesterday morning I decided that it was time to get the finger … Continue reading

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This week

This week I have been celebrating birthdays – mine, Rabbit’s and my friend’s; and Owl’s successful piano prep test enjoying breakfast in bed twice, Birthday pavlova, brunch with Rabbit, hot chocolate with Owl and daddy after the prep test, some really … Continue reading


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Rabbit’s birthday interview

Rabbit is five.  This is her birthday interview. What would you like to be when you grow up? A knight or a goodie pirate What’s your favourite colour? Golden What’s your favourite book? That’s not my dolly… What are your … Continue reading

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