Some photos

After Owl’s excellent round up of the last few weeks, I think I’m about ready to start from where we are, but I have a few photos to post before I move on.  The first is of some pictures which the children made for daddy for Christmas.  (Owl’s is a Lego minifigure daddy.)  The next two are a robot made by Owl from a kit he got for Christmas, and some collage pictures which Rabbit and Tiddler did while Owl and Monkey were out to play with a friend on the last day of his school holidays.

Daddy pics

robot collage

And finally, better late than never, here are our Winter and Nativity displays.

winter display nativity display

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2 Responses to Some photos

  1. hharicot says:

    lots of fab artwork 🙂 I partic love the robor and the snowmen 🙂

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