My first Maxi Hama Beads

We got the Hama Beads out again yesterday.  This time it was a Maxi kit that I have been saving for while, and I really meant to do it when Tiddler was around, but he was out shopping with daddy and the others chose it over the Midi kit I also offered.  It was quite satisfying, as they could each do one design, and because it was Maxi they were all completely independent.  The kit comes with a divided tray, which Monkey and Rabbit enjoyed using together, and Owl did his after they had finished.  It would make a good Christmas present for a young child, as a simple introduction to Hama Beads.  The pegboards are transparent and can be placed over the pictures, which makes copying the designs easy.  I really like the fact that the kits come with a generous amount of extra beads, so it doesn’t matter if one or two get lost, and after a few kits you can build up quite a good stash of extra beads for repeating the designs or making up some of your own.  The kit also comes with stands for displaying the finished creations.

We love the kits, and it’s fun copying the designs, but the children are also getting more confident about making up their own.  I enjoy doing it too, though I haven’t yet ironed any of mine to keep.  I always think I should save the beads for the children, but that might have to change.  I’ve been looking around for ideas and there are so many things I want to try.  Here are just a few of them – if I put them here, maybe I’m more likely to get on and do them!

Candle holders

Melted Hama Bead Bowl

Christmas tree, presents and reindeer


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1 Response to My first Maxi Hama Beads

  1. Do it, Do it! I LOVE doing my own Hama Beading 🙂

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