More Twinkling

After I posted my review of Twinkl last night, we have had such a successful day today using some more of the resources that I thought I should write a follow-up post.

This morning Monkey played the clock game, matching written times to the times shown on the clocks, and Owl did it as well this afternoon.

Owl and Monkey have also both done some character description writing.  They chose to write about Lego Ninjago characters, and they enjoyed using the worksheets with suggested descriptive words to get them started.

This is Monkey’s description of Garmadon:

Garmadon is Sensei Wu’s brother, and their father was the creator of Ninjago and the first master of Spinjitzu.  Garmadon is evil and fierce and he rules an army of skeletons.  In year 2012 he got four arms.

And this is Owl’s description of Snappa.

Snappa is a fangpyre snake scout.  He is ugly, mean and evil, but in times of peace he is calm and friendly and tries to be a good friend.  But it’s hard to be nice when you are really a mean beast.  In times of war he is usually quite angry and he is not very popular among his tribe.  Snappa bites first and asks questions later.  He also gets mad at a drop of a snake’s scale.

(Owl would like me to point out that there are some additions and corrections in the text quoted here, because I took the photos earlier and they have continued to work on it.)

Look here for lots more lovely resources like these!

I think I should have said this on the post I wrote yesterday, but I will put it here anyway: I have been given a premium subscription to Twinkl to write this review.  All opinions are my own.

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2 Responses to More Twinkling

  1. Pret-A-Mummy says:

    That’s lovely!I’m so glad you enjoyed using Twinkl, I certainly enjoyed reading about your experiences, it’s so good to see our resources in action. Thank you again!

  2. Might have to look up Twinkl ~ it sounds interesting 😀

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