Lego museum plans

This is a guest post by Owl – the first of many, I hope.

My new Lego creation is going to be a museum room, called room 11.  It will be a medieval themed room.  It will have:

  • a star-shaped fort
  • a star-shaped information board about the fort
  • an old portrait of a knight’s head
  • a suit of armour on a pole
  • a table laid for a feast with a golden goblet
  • a statue of a horse
  • information about drawbridges
  • a toy drawbridge to play with

If I can manage it, I will make the museum with an opening front so that you can see the things inside.  Of course, this is only one room.  I will be making some more rooms later.

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4 Responses to Lego museum plans

  1. Reblogged this on Land Of Reblogs and commented:
    Sounds like this could be a masterpiece!

  2. Go, Owl! I want to see some pics of your master plan.

  3. Owl is working on it! (Well not right now, I hope, as it is midnight, although he may well be dreaming about Lego.)

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